About Me!

I am happy that you’ve found my website because it means that we likely have something in common…craving wellness for ourselves.

I currently practice primary care in private practice where I very much enjoy the relationships with my patients. They have helped me more than I have helped them. Oftentimes when you’re helping others through their struggles, they teach you something deeper about yourself. They have helped me discover that as rewarding as practicing medicine is, I am often left unfulfilled and mentally exhausted. When pouring constantly into others, it is so easy to lose yourself. I then decided that I would create Krave Wellness because I was craving something very much needed in the world.

Krave Wellness is my gift to myself because there is a point perhaps in life where you realize it’s time to start coloring outside the lines and create something anew. I hope Krave Wellness will also be a gift to you where you gain medical knowledge or gain greater insight on your health by reading something that will truly make a positive impact on the quality of your life and your community.


Tyrrell Jenkins MD, MPH

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