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About Dr. TJ

about Dr. Tyrrell Jenkins

Dr. Tyrrell Jenkins, affectionately known as Dr. TJ, has practiced medicine in 4 areas, including outpatient primary care, urgent care, hospital medicine, and the intensive care unit, which are all unique and have given him a significant breath of clinical experience that many physicians do not possess. This has allowed him to assess and manage the continuum of diseases like thyroid problems, SIBO, and IBS. He places particular emphasis on preventive methods, necessary proactive management to avoid progression and treatment options to reduce reoccurance if conditions manifest.

Dr. TJ currently practices in private practice where he very much enjoys the relationships with his patients. He possesses knowledge you can trust due to his dedication to seeking research findings that are advancing medical outcomes. He is board certified in internal medicine and places significant attention on continued medical education, as a high performing physician is always a student at heart.

By building a collaborative relationship with patients and clients, Dr. Tyrrell Jenkins places particular focus on listening, empathy, and insight. With this proven process, it has allowed him to provide exceptional and effective evidence-based information that has helped thousands of patients and clients tackle chronic conditions. He is most passionate about thyroid and digestive conditions, which has remained his primary focus when assisting clients combating lingering issues affecting their quality of life. Through Dr. Tyrrell Jenkins's proven solutions, he has helped thousands of patients reach renewed levels of happiness and health.

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