Sant’ Antonio Country Resort is located just a short distance outside of Montepulciano, a classic hilltop Tuscan charming town, found in the province of Siena.

The property is a converted 800-year-old monastery and farm with sweeping views of Val di Chiana and picture-perfect Tuscan countryside. Imagine after a 2-mile jog through their gardens filled with olive groves and rolling countryside, sitting back to relax and watch the sunset by their pristine pool. Then after being spoiled with the most luxurious bathing products, take a near-effortless 5-minute beautiful drive to Montepulciano for a delicious Tuscan dinner that can be arranged by their concierge.

For those who would rather relax at your villa, all of their villas have kitchens that are generously stocked.


Wellness Amenities


The setting is best described as comfort. There are sweeping views of Val di Chiana, Tuscan rolling countryside, lakes, and pruned olive groves. For moments for meditation and reflection, I recommend choosing one of their 4 terraces that allows both unobstructed views that offer both tranquility and privacy.

Countryside Trail

If looking for a crisp morning run or an afternoon walk, certainly experience their 2-mile loop trail on their property. Views of various wildflowers and shimmering wheat-like grass come into sight when starting off. But guests are not limited to this, as there are plenty of other routes off property through scenic Tuscan countryside. Fitness is a focus on these excursions but certainly even a relaxed picnic at a random spot to the side is just fine too.

Olive Oil

Sant’ Antonio has over 1,600 olive trees found throughout their expansive property. Their olive trees are handpicked usually between November and mid-December. The process is labor intensive but well worth the amazingly delicious reward. Read my article on the health benefits of drinking olive here to learn more. Olive oil has been shown to increase longevity, decrease risk of chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and aid in digestion.



By Air

The nearest airports include Florence (1 hour and 15-minute drive), Rome (2-hour drive), and Pisa (2-hour drive).

By Car

From Montepulciano: 

Follow directions for Chianciano Terme.

After about 2 kilometers (approx. 1.2 miles) you will reach a crossroad. Take the left turn towards Chianciano Terme for a kilometre and a half. On the right, you will come across a signpost for Monticchiello, turn right down this road called “Via della Montagna”. The 700 meters (approx. 2300 feet), on your right, you will see Sant’ Antonio sign posted next to a large grey gate.

By Rail

There are Intercity trains that run every two hours to Montepulciano from all major cities in Italy. Disembark at station Chiusi – Chianciano Terme. 

Property Address & Contact

Via della Montagna

6/8 – 53045 Montepulciano

(SI), Italy

Tel/Fax: +39 0578 799365 – Mob: +39 348 7245126

E-mail: info@santantonio.it

Contact Us

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