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Does Chai Tea Contain Caffeine

Chai tea, also known as Masala Chai Spiced Tea, is a traditional blend of Indian spices mixed with black tea. Oftentimes the spices are cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, cloves, cumin, coriander, and star anise. What has made it more popular with American audiences perhaps were chai lattes which is simply chai tea and hot milk added, perhaps a misnomer as typically it does not have espresso added. Chai tea also has a lot of health benefits due to both the various spices and the antioxidants found in black tea. For example, ginger and turmeric are packed with anti-inflammatory compounds called curcumin which has been linked to promoting weight loss and increasing your metabolism by improving your body’s response to insulin and helping increase energy burn-off. It may also be linked to increasing your body’s level of adiponectin which has a role in breaking down unhealthy fatty acids and improving your sugar levels.

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Antioxidants in black tea offer several health benefits that have been linked to reducing cellular damage in the body and tissue repair. They contain polyphenols which have shown with increased consumption leads to a reduction in the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

So does chai tea have caffeine?

Yes! Traditional black chai tea generally has approximately 50mg of caffeine per 8-fluid ounces and sometimes can be as high as 100mg depending on the formulation and steeping times. There are other chai tea versions that may be considered nontraditional and these typically have less caffeine content, such as herbal (rooibos) chai tea and green chai. Check out the great video below on a delicious way to prepare Chai Tea!

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